Technical SEO + Content Auditing

A Better Content & SEO Audit

Surface the growth opportunities hidden within your content, site structure and search performance.

Every blog is sitting on a gold-mine of hidden growth opportunities.

Articles that suffer from traffic decay. Technical SEO issues that limit your search performance. Lucrative keywords that are just out of reach.

The Animalz audit is designed to surface these opportunities, and provide the insight and guidance needed to act on them. It's an all-in-one report designed to improve your traffic growth, search performance and entire content strategy.

Most content audits consist of a useless data-dump with the thinnest veneer of advice. An Animalz audit is different:

It's strategy-led. An Animalz audit isn’t just a spreadsheet of keywords to hit. We'll share recommendations designed to strengthen your overarching marketing strategy, and create a clear roadmap for future growth.

It's opinionated. Say "goodbye" to generic best practices, and "hello" to expert recommendations borne from our experience generating millions of pageviews for companies like Google, Intercom and Wistia.

It's instructive. Each audit is supported by a library of instructional videos and guides, designed to give you the knowledge needed to turn our recommendations into meaningful business growth.

Here's what you'll get:

Prune, Revive, or Grow

We’ll analyze traffic and keyword growth for your pages and recommend the right course of action:

  • Prune it from your site and use the targeted keyword for better content
  • Revive it by refreshing on-page content and meta-data
  • Grow it by building links and creating a content hub

Improve On-Page and Technical SEO

Learn how to generate more traffic and revenue from your search strategy.

We'll help you identify and rank for top-performing search terms, and share recommendations for improving your on-page SEO on key pages.

We'll analyze your technical SEO, including page load times, internal linking structure and website meta-data.

Execution Roadmap

We'll create a plan to help your prioritise and execute our recommendations, including:

  • A resource library containing educational videos and guides
  • Annotated articles showing the traits of great content at a sentence-by-sentence level.
  • A tailored roadmap for execution based on your current resources.

We've designed this for...

💸 Established blogs looking to generate more revenue from their existing content.

🔍 Businesses that want to improve the search performance of their entire website.

📈 Marketing teams looking to overcome plateaus and embark on their next phase of growth.

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